What A good mom is
A good mom is like my mom. Sweet, caring and always there for me. She gets me great clothes and jewelry and toys. She takes care of me like her life depends on it. She makes me smile when i'm sad she makes me comfortable when i am scared. She gives me a good shoulder to lean on and when I need to have a talk she always listens. I love you Mommy
I love my BFF a lot she is one of the best people I know. When I need a shoulder to lean on she is there if I have a question and the teacher says ask a friend she always has my answer.  She is Sweet, lovable, sensitive, and super duper smart. Emma is the PB to my J, The letters to my book, the Mac to my cheese, the fruit to my loop. But most of all she is the best to my friend. Emma is good at reading, writing, drawing and she is awesome with animals. She has all the pices of being a great BFFEL ( Best friend forever eternety life) She is like my sister. I know all about her. But the best part is she will always be in my heart. You Rock Emma

So I heard that mustaches were the new thing they are pretty cool if you as me. If you like mustaches send me a number one if you do not then send me a number two
Well I love pandas I love Alex Morgan the pro soccer player I love all neon colors I also love peace signs an 1 derection I love my 2 cats Trixie and Skye I also love cimorielli
Sky and Trixie
Alex Morgan

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